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About Chiropedic Bedding Company

We consider ourselves Healthy Sleep Specialists, our objective is to improve our customers' quality of life through improved sleep by providing the right mattress and pillow to suit your needs.
Since 2005 we have been working closely with doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and professionals in the health industry.

We aim to help solve their patients problems, that may have been created through the use of an inferior pillow or mattress. And because we are the only specialist pillow store that also specializes in mattresses. We provide a one-stop solution to resolving continuous back and neck pain or discomfort. Our mattress range is well researched, relevant and compact, giving you plenty of choice without confusion.

All of our mattresses are designed by us, based on many years' experience and sound product knowledge. Our trained staff will help to access the best mattress and endeavour to understand what your needs are, in order to ensure your comfort and improve the quality of your sleep. Our pillow range is extensive, with Classic or Contour range and Combo designs in various softness or firmness to choose from, advice on the correct height and comfort will also be looked at.

Chiropedic Bedding Company