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Bauhaus is managed by DJ Reva, as part of the censoredLaude Production group. With the latest in DJ equipment, A/V and intellegent lighting effects you are assured of the best in entertainment. DJ Reva has ample experience in the events industry and is argueably one of the most diverse crowd pleasers in SA. Frequenting Soweto street parties, all the way to 6 star black tie functions in Crown Plaza and Hilton Hotels. He very often impressively delivers a vast commercial selection of assorted tracks at a mixed wedding crowd then moves to an afterparty booking at a trendy nightclub to perform the latest funky house sets with remarkable and meticulous skill. For info on DJ services feel free to contact DJ Reva anytime! DJRevaatcumlaude [dot] co [dot] za Cell: 0837951000 Fax: 0866912757 www.cumlaude.co.za