Carpenter Cape Town

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021 300 3774

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24 Woodgate Rd, Wynberg, Cape Town



About Carpenter Cape Town

We design and create exceptional hand crafted wooden furnishings in any size, shape or space required, given the consent of the clients. We are the number one carpentry company in Cape Town and we provide wood furnishings to our clients in the best quality possible, at affordable rates as quickly as we can. Actually, we are the only carpentry company in the area with such great customer relationship methods and we have managed to father loyal customers around us with a loyalty period of sometimes more than few decades just because of the wonderful customer relationships we have. Meeting us is easy, all you have to do is give us one call or else request a call from us. If it's an emergency, our team of specialists will be right there as soon as we get the call, or if it is for a free quotation, that too will be processed as quickly as possible. Once a job is accepted, we do not carry our work on our own, we involve our customers to the best level we can. We believe that the products we are building are yours so you have the biggest say in how your furniture should look like, not us. That is why customers find it so easy and convenient to work with us. Call us on 021 300 3774 or do visit us at so you can learn more about us, our services and how easy your life can get, when it's with us

Carpenter Cape Town