Candle Corner

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Candle Corner handcrafts a range of candles and candle constituent for the life-styles of the Twenty First Century. Ingredients and technology have changed over time, but not the human need for Light, Love, Enchantment, Entertainment and Appreciation.

Candle Corner crafts a diverse range of premium Candles from the highest-quality materials: including mineral and organic (vegetable) wax, long-burning wicks, colour pigments, fragrances, and electronics.

We cut no corners to ensure the very best products enhance your every occasion...
Births & Birthdays,
Romantic Spa-baths or a Massage,
Dinner Tables,
Outdoor Lighting,
Corporate Functions,
…and of course, for when the lights go out.

Candles are for all time and all occasions; after all, they create the occasion.

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