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Brick machine

About Brick Machine

This is our most advanced stacking type in China (it won the national invention patent). Smooth connections between forming and stacking, by means of robot arm catching the green brick inside of the forming machine directly reduces the intermediate steps and increases the rate of finished products greatly by cross-stacking green bricks with 90 degree angles. It's the highest degree of automation in domestic new wall material equipment field.

It's a perfect combination of imported industrial robot and auto control system. The automatic feedback system and the safety fence with infrared dual protection effectively eliminate potential safety hazards. Security and stability are second to none in the field.

The machine has a reasonable layout; Compact structure which saves floor area (15 m3). Saving one-off infrastructure investment about RMB 200, 000 and greatly reducing maintenance costs.

This machine can produce various kinds of brick, such as standard brick, blind-hole brick and through-hold brick. With strong circumstance adaptive ability, it can save labor costs nearly RMB300, 000 annually. It's the first choice for customers to invest in a fully-automatic production line.

Brick Machine