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About Breaking Free Counselling

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The main aim of counselling is to give an opportunity for people to work towards living in a way they experience a more fulfilling, positive and effective life, a life of breaking free from
Counselling enables people in developing personal insight and knowledge so they can work through their feelings and improve their lives.

Some are at the crossroads of their lives.

* Counselling services:
* Trauma Debriefing
* Individual Counselling
* Family therapy
* Bereavement Counselling
* Marriage guidance and divorce
* Post-traumatic stress
* Counselling the young
* Addictions
* Emotional Pain and Suicide
* Counselling young people:
* Children's problems
* Bed-wetting
* Children who bully or are being bullied
* Disruptive children
* Eating problems
* Separated parents
* Child abuse
* Adoption

Ruanda Stapelberg
Qualified Counsellor

Breaking Free Counselling