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Just Water is committed to providing New Zealand with fresh, clean drinking water and filtration systems. Just water offers a wide variety of quality water products including direct connect, bottled water delivery, under bench boiling and chilled filtered water, filtered water home delivery, and other water solutions. All Just Water's coolers are UL (Underwriters Laboratory) and NSF (National Safety Foundation) certified. Just Water takes public health and safety seriously and makes sure it exceeds all health and safety expectations. When doing any sort of plumbing work Just Water strongly suggests using certified plumbers.

To avoid a wrong plumbing connection which could have negative effects on health and safety, Just Water has established a national network of licensed plumbers that meet all New Zealand Legal standards. Just Water's bottling plant has received the Australasian Bottled Water Institute accreditation meaning that it meets the necessary food safety programme requirements to be a certified bottler. It also is HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) Certified meaning all stages of manufacturing is deemed safe and secure. Just Water consists of an international group of companies including Aqua Cool, Just Water Filters, Just Water International Limited, Creative Images, Plantz Indoors, Just Water Filters Australia and Clearwater Filter Systems.

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