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Nowadays, there's a tendency primarily from cooks to explain some cooking phenomena technically, what sort of man perceives the food and the elements that affect the taste experience. These cooks took advantage of the data and the results they've obtained in order to create some uncommon quality mixtures and methods for offering. This new 'technology' is known as Molecular Gastronomy. Obviously a thing that has success in the kitchen caught the interest of bartenders. The bartenders modified their techniques in the planning of drinks, while today there are techniques which are borrowed directly in the chemical laboratories including the chemical flavoring and distillation and that is called mixology.bartending license online

Using the support of mixology the bartenders could influence beyond the flavor, the smell, the look and the feel within an impressive and interesting manner. New techniques such as immediate snowy, pelletizing, drying and foams help the bartenders to make new drinks or even to re-create the classic ones. Through the mixology it's verified that a considerable role in the drink entertainment is performed from the atmosphere, the experiences and the memories of every person so everyone who wishes to implement molecular approaches and scientific mixology should take into account six factors which are no the others than the appearance, the aroma, the flavor, the texture, the atmosphere and the memories to be able to create a cocktail who received theoretical consideration as yet. When you can see things in mixology are not as simple while they sound.

To summarize, the Molecular Mixology is nothing else compared to enhanced version of the art of bartending. More at Get More Info.

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