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About Boost Africa Foundation

Boost Africa Foundation was started in June 2007 by Mary Dell, a missionary worker from Canada. Boost Africa Foundation has been a registered Non Profit Organization (NPO nr: 060 572-NPO) since February 2008 and became a Public Benefit Organization with Tax Exempt Status (PBO nr: 930 030 409) in June 2009.

Boost Africa Foundation focuses on the future betterment of impoverished communities. We partner with the individual and their family in order to raise up leaders and world changers through education.

We provide children with the basic requirements necessary to attend school and have established a learning centre that provides the quality educational resources to improve the numeracy, literacy and skills development of the youth in the Dunoon community in Cape Town, South Africa.

Our vision is to establish similar learning centres across South Africa and Africa.

If you would like to learn more about our organisation or make a donation, please go to our website:

Boost Africa Foundation