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About Blue Venture Marketing

Blue Venture Marketing is a Johannesburg based company that specialises in the marketing and distribution of high quality Display Products.

Our product range includes Display Stands, Clip Frames and the dynamic and exciting Touch Board - the sticky notice board that requires no pins. The display stands include A-Frame Stands, Knock Down Stands, Lobby Stands and Lollipop Stands.

The locally invented Touch Board will transform your day-to-day use of a notice board through its unique and easy-to-use technology. With its sticky surface and just a gentle touch, paper, card and laminated items hold fast. No pins, magnets, tape or other adhesive materials are required.

Our entire product range lends itself to a broad spectrum of display requirements within any working environment. From offices, boardrooms and classrooms to shop floors, promotional and exhibition settings, our products will provide you with effective tools to enhance the visibility of your display material.

All products are hand crafted and are produced to the highest production specifications.