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Why you should advertise online with Bloemnet!
Exposure, Exposure, Exposure

Over the last 10 years the number of magazines and newspapers distributed has declined by 40% while online advertising increased 500%.

The entire Bloemnet and partners sites have been accessed over 8 000 000 times since 2000 and the most growth was the last 2 years with at least 2 000 000 visits. Bloemnet had over 80 000 visits since 2013 and is growing.

1. Reach - With Bloemnet you will reach a larger population at a fraction (at least lest than 10%) of the price of alternative media.

3. Local Advertising - Why spend thousands on advert when the prospects are hunderds of Kilometers away. Bloemnet will provide your company with more exposure, but we do it locally.

4. Brand building - Bloemnet knows that the internet is great for direct response advertising and for promoting your brand.

5. Creativity - You can now design & change your promotions yourself as often as you like and load it onto Bloemnet.

7. Improved Google rankings - If you have a website, we will also create a link to your website and provide you with over backlinks to other websites which increase you Google Rating and make search engines find your website easier.

Bloemnet Online Advertising