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About Augment Leadership Skills Institute

To empower managers at top, senior and middle levels in the government and the private sector, to become effective leaders who will lead their organisations to successful growth and development.
To be the preferred provider of practical Leadership Skills to the top-senior and middle managers in the government and private sectors in Africa.
1. Introduction:
-An article on Linkedin recently written by "Mike Myatt", a business
consultant "The #1 reason why Leadership development fails" this,
highlights a REAL issue, that needs to be addressed in our

-Myatt, who has probably seen and read most Leadership books or
programmes around, highlights the true problem , i.e. virtually all
providers focus on Leadership TRAINING and not on

-Training programmes are as a result presented in a lecture,
"chalk and talk fashion"
-This results in gaining of KNOWLEDGE ALONE that cannot be
transferred practically to the work environment , as no
PRACTICAL APPLICATION has been experienced in a safe,
learning environment.

-The insight of Myatt, is exactly what we experienced when
researching the Leadership Development Market during 2012, we
read A LOT of Leadership Books, looked at a large number of
Leadership Training Programmes, and most importantly, spoke to
decision makers in organisations.
-The bottom line of this research was that, although millions of rands
were spent by large and small government and Private sector
organisations, no real value was added to Leadership in practice
(e.g. Behavioural change)
-To rectify this obvious lack in the market we founded Augment
Leadership Skills Institute.
(Augment Leadership Skills Institute).
-Our point of reference being, "If I tell you the answer, you will
KNOW the answer, BUT if you FIND the answer you will
UNDERSTAND the answer".
-We have put together a group of WORKSHOPS to expose delegates
to actually doing PRACTICAL work to gain SKILLS and start-up
experiences in each subject presented.

3. Topics Available at Present
*SHEPHERD : Management Excellence
*Apply Innovative Thinking
*Business Leadership
*Business writing that works
*Change Management
*Communication Strategies
*Conquering you fear of Speaking in Public
*Critical Thinking
*Emotional Intelligence
*Getting Stuff Done - Personal Development
*Inventory Management - Nuts and Bolts
*Lean Process Improvement
*Negotiating for Results
*NPL Projects
*NPL Case Study
*NPL Tools for Real LIfe
*Problem Solving and Decision Making
*Problem Solving in Real Life
*Produce a Business Plan for a New Venture
*Project Management - Advanced
*Project Management - Fundamentals
*Project Management - Intermediate
*Project Management - Understanding
*Project Management
*Risk Management
*Secrets of Change Management
*Situational Leadership
*Team Building
*Writing Reports and Proposals
4. Further Development
-The above topics are aimed mostly at Middle Management,
but we have found that many people in more Senior Positions
also lack exposure to many of the issues covered.
-For Senior Management we are rolling out workshops on issues
particularly focused on their needs (CEO's and COO's etc.)
-These programmes will address issues such as, building trust
internally in an organisation, and ways to ensure EXECUTION
of plans, projects and stated objectives.
-All of these also, will include PRACTICAL, "tools" that are
practised during the workshops to ensure IMMEDIATE
application back in the work place.

Augment Leadership Skills Institute