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It has been stated that South Africa is one of the very best countries for exceptional vacations and tours. This nation is among the most diverse and vibrant as far as its people and the many different cultures are concerned. Keep reading to discover some of the remarkable things you can experience in South Africa if you are thinking about adding a tour to your vacation travel plan.

It is thought to be one of the most stunning locations on earth because of the way the land changes itself every season. In spring the land goes from a dry, barren wasteland to a wonderland of color with splendid wild flowers that blanket the once dull landscape.

A lot of SA history was written on these lands with the battles of the British, the Boers and the Zulu. Some of the bloodiest battles raged on this land, such as the battle of Islandwana and Rorke's Drift, which generated the timeless film called Zulu in 1964.

Still, for those who love history and the wilderness, is the Drakensberg Mountains. Drakensberg translates to Dragon Mountain in Afrikaans. The Drakensberg is the Wild West of South Africa and is a lovely, wild place. The range of mountains works as a border in between Lesotho and the province of KwaZulu-Natal with the peaks reaching over a staggering 3.400m high. The location is popular for its hardy flora and a few of the most magnificent waterfalls you will will have ever seen. Among these falls is the second tallest in the world. Measuring a spectacular 850m drop! It is called the Tugela Falls. This is an exceptional holiday area which has lots of hotels and vacation resorts for family enjoyment and relaxation. While you enjoy one of the hotels or resorts, the whole family can enjoy fishing, hiking, horse riding and water rafting.

A South African tours style holiday is not complete without experiencing the Cape Winelands. For all wine fans on vacation in South Africa, the Cape Winelands is a must! A few of the very best towns to visit are Stellenbosch, Franschoek, Paarl and Durbanville Hills. Wine tours and cheese and wine festivals are run at some of the finest of the Capes wine estates, depending on the time of year, and offer some of the most picturesque farmlands around. Some even have small farm house restaurant's on the property, and even actually actually the tables laid out in the vineyards, among the grape vines. While you enjoying your scrumptious lunch, you can purchase wine straight from the farm stall you are visiting. It genuinely is an experience well worth the trip!

In a nutshell, choosing to go the tour group type of holidaying can be just as satisfying and delightful as deciding on a self drive holiday. The benefit to a tour is that you do not require GPS or maps to get around as your guide will know precisely where to go and exactly how to get there. It's different, and just as much fun, so give it some thought.

We are reputable South African based tourism business with years of experience in the trade. For additional information or other concerns, contact us Cape Tours.

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