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About Ashley Fataar

I understand that running a business is a full time role. Time spent on bookkeeping and accounting is time not spent on growing your business. Employing a full-time Bookkeeper is more costly than using an outsourced Bookkeeper. One of my objectives is to relieve business owners of the burden of their administrative responsibilities. This also allows owners to engage in aspects of the business that they enjoy which results in a more sustainable business and increases the likelihood of long-term success.

Reliable and accurate bookkeeping forms a basic but essential foundation for any business, and should therefore be prioritised. The output of this process is financial data that is used to make important business decisions. I recognise the importance of this aspect of business and ensure that my clients receive regular financial reports making them well equipped to make appropriate and timeous strategic decisions based on up to date, accurate and relevant financial information.

How do I fit into your business?
A bookkeeper is usually responsible for writing up the books by ensuring that all transactions are recorded in the correct book (suppliers' ledger, customer ledger and general ledger). The bookkeeper brings the books to the Trial Balance stage. The Profit and Loss (Income) Statement and Balance Sheet are prepared using using the trial balance and ledgers that have been prepared. Also produced are age analysis of the debtors and creditors, stock reports and Cask Book to Bank Statement reconciliation. This information can also be submitted to Banks and SARS.

All businesses are legally required to maintain accurate books and records, including Annual Income Statement and Balance Sheet. SARS legislation also requires that VAT registered vendors and PAYE registered employers submit their returns and remittances regularly and on time. Bookkeeping requires skill and practical experience, in order to ensure that financial controls are maintained and monitored ensuring the financial information is accurate.

Ashley Fataar