APL Corporate Garments, Inc.

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Phone Number:
632 837 1215

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Unit 201-203 VFP-MDC Bldg. 2, Veterans Road, Veterans Center



About APL Corporate Garments, Inc.

Incorporated in May 25, 2010, APL Corporate Garments Inc. was formed to serve the uniform requirements of SME's nationwide. Due to increasing demand, a further investment together with a new business model was designed to expand our operations for the large-volume sector.

Thus, the brand Your Label was created to serve as an integrated solutions provider of personalized garments, raw materials, accessories, and related services.

Looking ahead, Your Label aims to simplify the procurement process and become your reliable source of corporate needs.

What makes APL Corporate Garments, Inc. the No. 1 integrated personalized solutions provider?

Made to Order
We customize your requirements to meet your individual and group needs.

We are who we are because we continually invest in measures of control.

One Stop
Our ability to provide numerous solutions is how we simplify the procurement process.

We are at the forefront of modernization, always innovating.

Our products and services are premium yet we derive value from our purpose.

APL Corporate Garments, Inc.