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Electrical Construction

Amlec provides tailor-made electrical solutions during the construction phase of high-rise, mixed use, and commercial buildings - we also provide electrical construction services to residential clients.

Our electrical construction services include:

* Tailor-made installation designs for electrical services
* Professional AutoCAD designs which comply with architectural standards
* Liaising with electrical supply authorities and overseeing switch-ons
* Supplying innovative Wiring Harness Systems
* Custom-made lighting designs
* Electrical wiring for new buildings
* Certificate of Compliance inspections

Electrical Maintenance

From electricians who respond promptly to emergency callouts to fault detection and Certificate of Compliance inspections, Amlec's electrical maintenance division has the skills and technology to repair any electrical fault.

We are proud to offer our clients a range of electrical maintenance services, including:

* Electrical fault finding and general maintenance
* Electrical repairs and upgrades, extensions and renovations
* In-depth electrical inspections
* Certificates of Compliance
* 24 Hour emergency call out electricians
* Generator installations and maintenance

Turnkey Projects
From new homes, to large-scale commercial buildings, Amlec provides clients with reliable turnkey service - let us take care of the planning, execution, and management of your project's electrical requirements.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Lighting accounts for a large percentage of every electricity bill - especially in commercial and industrial buildings. Amlec's energy efficient lighting solutions reduce costs and wastage by using the latest green technology. Our service offering includes:

* Cutting-edge lighting technology systems that save electricity
* Smart building automation that reduces electricity consumption
* Occupancy and motion detectors in commercial buildings that turn off the power when rooms or offices aren't in use
* Photovoltaic panels that provide solar power for buildings
* Heat pumps that save electricity on water heating
* Power factor correction capacitors that reduce electricity consumption for commercial and industrial clients

Home and Building Automation

Our building automation systems monitor each office and public area in the building, switching lights on and off according to the time of day and the level of natural light indoors. Commercial equipment can also be programmed to switch off during downtime, reducing electricity costs even further.

Solar Installations

Buildings fitted with Amlec's solar power systems are able to generate their own electricity, reducing monthly costs and moving closer toward energy efficiency. Our photovoltaic cells - also known as solar panels - are strategically placed on the roofs of buildings for maximum exposure to the sun, year-round.

LED Retrofits

Amlec has the technology to replace outdated lighting systems in older buildings with LED lighting that saves power and is environmentally friendly. Our LED retrofits will save you money in the long term, with lower monthly electricity bills.

Security Installations

Our technical crews pride themselves on the highest standards of professionalism and skill during the installation process, providing the best equipment at the most competitive prices. Amlec's security installation services include:

* Integrated Security Systems
* Satellite and TV installations
* Access control and intercom installations
* CCTV surveillance system installations
* Fire detection and notification Systems
* Electric fencing installations and electric fence compliancy
* PA Systems
* Intruder alarm system installations
* Remote monitoring system installations
* Comprehensive outdoor protection systems

Armed Response

A state-of-the art security system must be paired with reliable, fast armed response in order to function effectively. Amlec provides armed response services to clients in KwaZulu-Natal, with highly trained patrols and response teams who are dedicated to keeping our clients safe. Our security officers are disciplined, dedicated, and effective in any emergency.


For clients outside of the KZN region, Amlec is proud to offer a range of remote monitoring services - our cutting-edge technology allows us to monitor security systems anywhere in the world. We provide an extra set of eyes to watch over your home or business - especially at times when you are away from the premises.

Fire Detection

Our fire detection technology provides advanced warning of fires before they become large and dangerous for building inhabitants. Smoke detectors, monitoring systems, and sprinkler installations form part of Amlec's fire detection service offering.

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