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About Alliance Capital

At Alliance Capital we specialize in acquiring investors for business, in identifying potential synergies between organisations, and in assisting organisations in strategically growing their operations.

The benefits of merging your business or acquiring an investor for your business include:

- Profiting from increased economies of scale
- Gaining from Positive synergies between the businesses
- Access to further finance
- Growing your brand
- Increasing your local/national/international footprint
- Strategically growing your business, as oppose to organically

There are also many benefits to investing in a business or acquiring a business. These include:

- To expand your current business.
- To acquire a competitor and cut out the competition.
- To gain access to a wider distribution network
- Maybe you want to acquire or merge with a Supplier.
- Maybe you need to acquire or merge with a BEE Company to assist with your BEE ratings.
- You might need another branch in another region where business is picking up?
- Maybe you want to acquire a Company with a tax loss and turn the company around with your superior management skills.

Whether you want to sell your business, raise capital, invest in a business, acquire a business, or merge with another concern, Alliance Capital can assist you. We have successfully facilitated such corporate strategies in the past and our track record speaks for itself.

Alliance Capital