ALEJEN7 is completely clean

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9 Pineville Junction, 81 Stapletone Road, Pinetown


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About ALEJEN7 is completely clean

Tenants moved out and the house is a mess?
Let us do the DIRTY work for you!
New house on the market and it's a shame to show?
Let us do the DIRTY work for you!

ALEJEN7 is a team of hard working members that endeavour to clean in ONE DAY what the
previous occupants have left behind.

ALEJEN7 will:

*Wash the windows and walls
*brasso the taps
*remove and clean light fittings where possible
*clean and refresh cupboards
*de-mould the bathroom and kitchen
*whiten grouting between the tiles
*deep clean ovens and hobs
*degrease the kitchen
*wax marble surfaces
*remove stubborn grime and scale from bath, toilet and shower doors
*clean the burglar bars
*clean the skirting boards
*wash ceilings where possible
*wash carpets
*treat all wooden surfaces with oils or waxes

ALEJEN7 is completely clean