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About Al Buraq Telecoms

We started our business because we are passionate about our products. Our idea was to create great, high-quality products at reasonable prices.

It seems that our idea has worked, because our business has grown continuously in recent years.

Al Buraq Telecoms is a telecommunications network operator that caters for wholesale, business and home customer needs. We deliver services that reduce the cost of doing business through the opti censoreduse of advanced technologies. We are South Africa's first converged telecommunications network operator. This means that voice, data and Internet is now offered over a single connection.

We provide a range of value-added voice, internet and data services for business, wholesale network operators, network providers and consumers. In other words from the telephone handset at home to the data centres that have become the epicentres of local and international business. . Additional services include Virtual Private Networks, hosting and satellite services. Our various telecommunications licences, Electronic Communication Network Service License and Electronic Communication Network License, allow us to provide the entire range of telecommunications services. Al Buraq Telecoms covers all major metropolitan areas of South Africa. Our coverage expands on a regular basis.

Diversity - South Africa's strength is reflected in our shareholding. United in purpose, our shareholding embodies vast global as well as local telecoms experience, giving us greater impetus to achieve our objectives.

Al Buraq Telecoms