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We manufacture and sell a 100% organic fibre rich food supplement, namely Agave Health Fibre Capsules, that contains no colour-taste-preservatives or chemical pesticides. Here is more information on our capsules. Agave Health Fibre Capsules ( 100 Capsules per packet ). Where the best health starts.
100% Natural. Boosts Immunity. Energy to spare. Lower cholesterol levels. Improves concentration. Optimistic outlook. Weight loss without dieting. Research shows, and people using Agave Health Fibre Capsules report, that it does all of this, and more, such as.
Lowers stress levels. Ideal for Diabetics (energy without carbohydrates). Relieves spastic colon pain and symptoms. Natural, regular bowel movement without laxatives. Relieves muscular and joint pains. Relieves Crohn's disease. Prevents and relieves Osteoporosis. Improves absorption of minerals. Anti-inflammatory. Poor colon health implicated in Autism, ADHD etc. Wounds and infections heal faster and better. Restores colon health and density of colon wall. Not a drug , no side effects. Improves the quality of hair, nails and skin. No additives, colouring agents etc. Supports good bacteria and suppresses the negative bacteria.

The most important cause of the problems with our general health is the ineffective functioning of the most important system in the body, namely the digestive system. We thwart the system by our eating habits as these are the basis of life. For this we need the digestive system to function effectively so that the available feeding elements reach the other systems and organs at the right time. This means that an ineffective digestive system has a direct effect on the functions of all the organs and thus on the complete health. In terms of research the colon was the most neglected organ in the human body until recently. Currently it is viewed as the most important organ in the body. It is the place where digestion takes place through bacterial fermentation and importantly where 70% of the body's immune system has its seat. Increased intake of organic plant fibre brings about sustainable healthy life, without which one will stay hopelessly ill. A healthy digestive system determines opti censoredhealth and is brought about by sufficient intake of dietary fibre namely the soluble as well as insoluble components. Agave Americana (Garingboom) contains a unique combination of these fibres, exclusively as far as is known , namely 29% soluble and 21% insoluble while inulin constitutes 23% of the soluble component. The soluble fibres feed the positive bacteria in the colon while the insoluble component cleanses the intestinal c censoredof waste and thus ensure opti censoreddigestion and absorbance.

The human body is perfectly created with the necessary defence mechanisms to offer resistance against the influence of negative pathogens. These negative bacteria like E.coli and Salmonella thrive on the modern low fibre western diet, processed high carbohydrate foods. Positive bacteria, bifidium and lactobacillus require a high fibre ration. A healthy balance between these two groups of bacteria in the colon, is 80-85% positive to 15-20% negative. The current shift in the balance in favour of the negative bacteria is the result of our fast food diet and it places the immune system under pressure on account of the increasing poisons which are produced in the colon and which then ends up in the blood stream. Humans poison their own bodies by the food they eat.
Digestive system functions: Digestion. Absorption. Elimination. Stimulating the immune system.

The unforeseen consequences of food with low or no fibre content in our daily food intake, are reaching catastrophic heights. 20% Of children suffer from adult illnesses, 50% Americans are overweight and suffer from obesity. China is experiencing a diabetic explosion and in England currently, 1 out of 66 children is autistic as opposed to 1 out of 10 000 in 1984, a serious warning for more fibres on your menu. A study of 567 169 persons, divided into 5 groups of which the fibre intake progressively increased over a period, experienced the following reactions: 1. Fall in mortality rate. 2. Increase resistance to heart infection and respiratory illnesses. 3. Significant decrease in cancer of the colon.
Above mentioned findings are supported by research results where the intake of inulin, a soluble fibre, showed the following health reactions: 1. Stimulation of the immune system. 2. Lowering in cholesterol levels. 3. Disappearance of stomach aches and bloatedness. 4. Alleviation of pain in muscles and joints. 5. Prevention of osteoporoses as a result of the stimulation in the assimilation of calcium and magnesium. 6. Healing of wounds and infections as a result of the anti-inflammatory effect. 7. More energy. 8. Improvement in the quality of hair, nails and skin. 9. Increased and easier movement of the bowels.

The advantages use of antibiotics against bacterial illnesses is well known but in the process it destroys not only negative pathogens but also the positive friendly bacteria in the digestive canal. The population of positive bacteria is recovered with probiotics (which establish the good bacteria) plus Agave Health Fibre Capsules which feeds the good bacteria. Thus any discomfort which develops as a result of bacterial digestion which is temporarily suspended in the colon and which then let undigested food and fall-out pile up, is avoided.
Do you recognize these health problems? Solution: Increase your fibre intake with Agave Health Fibre Capsules! We are in search of agents to work for us. Contact us for more information.

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