Contact Details

Phone Number:
011 074 5744

Physical Address

104 Philip Street, Rosettenville, Johannesburg



About Afrishops

Afrishops Incorporated is an Electronic Commerce company based in Gauteng, South Africa. The main mission of Afrishops Incorporated is to provide online marketplace services to SME's in 53 countries of Africa. This is achieved through our marketplace platform codenamed Afrishops Ecommerce. This marketplace platform will be used by Merchants and small business Owners in Africa to promote and sell their products to the world. The online marketplace is available on

Merchants and small business Owners will register and own secure virtual shops on Afrishops Ecommerce platform. The virtual shops are in the form of mini-websites that are contained within Afrishops Ecommerce platform.

Merchants and small business Owners can do the following:

apply for membership to register a virtual shop on Afrishops Ecommerce platform
once approved they can create and customize their own secure virtual shop
add company banner images
add company profile
add a product catalogue extracted from the master catalogue of Afrishops Ecommerce
upload products images into various categories of their own catalogues
add product description
add product pricing information
use applicable delivery methods (currently DHL)
add bank details to receive payments
track orders and payment