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How many of us have taken our newly acquired licence, thrown a censoreda bike and not given a thought about one minute of extra tuition, thinking or hoping what we gleaned as a learner would see us through the rest of our motorcycling lives?

Statistics suggest 95% of drivers and riders don't see training as ESSENTIAL. If you are using 2 wheels for the school run, cheaper day to day transport or just getting about, approximately 80% of youwill have experienced a scare, a fall or accident of some kind within the first 12 months of riding.

Why take that risk? An hour or 3 of tuition can placate the fears of your parents or loved ones by showing that you take the risks seriously and get their approval for your chosen means of transport. See how much safer it can be.

Adapt your riding style, whether riding a cruiser, scooter, sports or trail bike,and using a number of proven techniques you and your pillion will stay firmly in the seat for miles of safe pleasure.

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Advanced Riding Techniques